Derek Princes Sermon Series

  1. Exercising Spiritual Gifts
    God has sent His Holy Spirit with abundant provision for Christian believers including nine spiritual gifts with wonderful benefits.
  2. The Enemies We Face
    The enemies we face are not flesh and blood, but are invisible spirit beings of darkness. Learn how to identify them and overcome evil.
  3. Basics Of Deliverance
    A much needed, yet widely neglected ministry, find Bible-based answers on deliverance and freedom from demonic influences in your life.
  4. I Will Shake All Things
    Do you believe in the judgment of God? We may not like to think of our Heavenly Father this way, but His power will shake all things.
  5. And Then The End Shall Come
    We are obligated by Scripture to give careful heed to biblical prophecy and the climax of this age. Are you ready for Jesus’ return?
  6. Bend The Church And Bow The World
    In any nation, where the church is established, God holds the church accountable for the condition of that nation (Ephesians 1:22-23).
  7. Seven Steps To Revival
    For decades Christian believers have longed and prayed for revival. Learn the seven crucial steps the church must first undertake.
  8. Release From The Curse
    A signature Bible teaching sermon series by Derek Prince detailing the reality, power and enduring affects of blessings and curses